That "Free Trial" is NOT free!!Be prepared to get billed $250.00, thats what your credit card will reflect.

Not sure how they can get away with it? They advertised free trial so of course I clicked on it, an amount came up for $14.95 for shipping and packaging so that made sense to me, I could't expect them to pay for shipping my product for "free"I entered my card number and clicked "Order Now". When I later checked my credit card, that charge was $250.00 and it looked like it was charged TWICE!! So on the phone to my credit card company I had to go!

hopefully everyone will check the reviews out first and keep your money in your pocket, so as you're not having to deal with the hassle of calling your credit card company to fight to get your $$ back.Big time frauds!!!

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This is what happens on any free trial if you don't cancel membership before your 30 days are up.With any free trial you are always put on a monthly membership until you cancel that membership.

All you need to do is cancel before that time is up I've never had an issue with free trials.

When you do cancel they will try to offer other discounts or other monthly offers for cheaper but if your truly canceling don't agree to any just let them know your no longer untested and they will cancel and you won't receive a charge.I've done many free offers and that's just how I do things to avoid being put on the monthly order programs


well your first mistake was believing anything is FREE...its not a FREE trial its A RISK free trial..the only word you paid attention to was FREE...if you kept the product past 30 days they charged you and then 30 later for the second payment...what would make you believe you would get over 200 in prodcuts free...you should have read the paperwork with the order and you wouldn't have had to worry about it. I get so tired of people who didnt understand the terms on here making fals accustaions

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